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Manínska Tiesňava
Považská Bystrica

Recepcia Chatová osada:
+421 / 905 451 177

Recepcia/Reception Autokemping:
+421 / 0907 185 377

GPS: 49.143948,18.497103

Inžiniering MH, s. r. o.
Centrum 2304
017 01 Považská Bystrica
+421 0903 885 610 inziniering@gmail.com

Cottage colony Tiesnava

Cottage colony Tiesnava (straits) of the category A was built in 1977 not far form the cottage colony Manin. There you will find the brick bungalows with the cells of one, two and three bed rooms equipped with the showerbath ant he social establishment. The lodging capacity is 150 bets.

The restaurant inside he cottage areal offers the boardig. The tourist cottage colony has its own parking place inside the areal and it is working the whole year over.

Playground with plastic grass 33 x 18 meters, with lighting - directly in the cottage colony with the possibility of concentration training.

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