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Recepcia Chatová osada:
+421 / 905 451 177

Recepcia Autokemping:
+421 / 902 194 773

GPS súradnice: 49.143948,18.497103

Mládežnícka 2481/35
017 01 Považská Bystrica
tel: +421 / 0905 451 177

Autocamping Manin

In the present time the autocamping Manin offers the accommodation in the cottages for 91 visitors and a suitable area for camping with the capacity of 300 places.

In its category it offers the full service - the possibility of preparing and warming the meals, ironing room, wash room with showers, cold and warm water, connections to caravans, social room with the possibility of lending the round games and sporting equipment, volleyball ground and the swiming pool.

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